Black Box Music

Black Box Music is scored for percussion solo, amplified box, 15 instruments and video.


The stage and the instrument are the same thing: the black box, the traditional theatre stage with curtains, props and light. This instrument is fitted with a camera and 7 microphones inside. The camera signal is projected onto a screen in front of the audience and the signal from the microphones is diffused in a extended “surround” setup.


Black Box Music explores the relation between the musical sounds and the movements that produces those sounds. The piece thus demonstrates a fundamental view that music cannot always be understood exclusively as an auditory phenomenon – music is equally something that can be both visual and contextual, and the sound is always already an integral part of the actions that produce it.

On one hand, the soloist plays all through the piece with her hands inside the box, but instead of using puppets she conducts, she throws up hand signs (fuck, stone/scissors/paper, telephones, bulls, speaking creatures and various other recognizable gestures), she plays on tuning forks, rubber bands and son on. Beside conducting, the soloist also assumes several other roles that join boundaries between conducting and (puppet) theatre and it becomes hard to identify where one starts and the other stops.


On the other hand , the musicians are divided in three groups and their function is twofold – on one side they follow their conductor as an ensemble (or they don`t) and on the other side they create an auditory illustration of the events that take place inside the black box. For this reason they are located behind and on both sides of the audience.


The duration of the piece is 32 min. distributed in: – OVERTURE – DISAMBIGUATION – FINALE