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Agosto, 2018

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“Genesis”: Seven Settings Based on the Book of Genesis
Swiss premiere

Chaya Czernowin (*1957)
On the Face of the Deep
Marko Nikodijevic (*1980)
dies secundus
Franck Bedrossian (*1971)
Vayehi erev vayehi boker
Anna Thorwaldsdottir (*1977)
Joan Magrané Figuera (*1988)
Marines i boscatges
Stefano Gervasoni (*1962)
Mark Andre (*1964)
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Let there be light! The biblical story of Creation, which describes the birth and childhood of our planet, has always inspired composers. Just think of Haydn’s oratorio The Creation. Matthias Pintscher and the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY will present a contemporary setting of the Book of Genesis that was written for the 2016-17 season to mark the 40th birthday of the Paris-based Ensemble intercontemporain. Seven composers from the same number of countries each wrote a new, approximately ten-minute work corresponding to one of the seven days of Creation – from primeval Chaos to God’s final day of rest. But they reflect not only the Old Testament’s report of how the universe came to be but also their own creative activity: the process of musical imagination. An unusual joint project and at the same time a dazzling panorama of composition in the present day.


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